Where does the training take place?
Training takes place inside our 7,000 sq ft boxing gym, which includes a circuit training station, a cardio station, a jump-rope station, a heavy-bag station, a double-end bag station, and two boxing rings.  There is also more space for the drills that will take place!

Are you a professional trainer?

Yes!  What I like to say is "I'm not certified, but I'm more than qualified"!  My training program is based around the skills and techniques that boxers use when preparing for fights.  I boxed a total of 16 years (both amatuer and professional).  I was a 3-time defending North American Boxing Federation (NABF) Champion, the No. 1 contender of my weight class, and formerly ranked No. 3 in the world.  My bouts have been televised on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and other local area channels.  I am now retired waiting to train YOU!

How often do I have to or can I train with you?
That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Usually, I train with my clients 2 - 3 times a week.  I have different packages available to you.