Boxing Lessons

David knows what it takes to achieve a dream; so he can help you turn your dream into a reality.  At DBA, a strict boxing 'system' is followed by all boxing students.  You will not be set up in a "classroom environment", and you will not follow one-hour time frames.  As a beginning student you may come twice a week, but then advance to 3-4 times a week as training begins to intensify in technique.  Most workout sessions last between 2-3 hours.  For most students, advancing to sparring comes after eight months of boxing training with David.  For some, that is a long time to wait, but if you want to learn the correct way to box safely, you must undergo many hours of defense, offense, foot work, and physical training.  David's system is not to allow you to get hurt, but to ensure your safety.

Boxing Fitness

Through David's 16 years of boxing experience, he has developed a fitness program based on boxing techniques and boxing training regimens.  To date, it has been a huge success and has proven results. 


This program is like no other that you have done...guaranteed.

Athletic Development

Whether you are in track, football, basketball, soccer, etc., DBA's boxing fitness program will increase your fitness level.  You will undergo exercise routines that will build your strength, endurance, agility, and overall condition.  Try it out for FREE one time and you will see the difference.